By Jack M. Pulliam Jr.
The adventures of Myra and Justin who as children made a blood pact to always be there for each other 
Bloodoath II
Visions of Nam
Catskill Wind
The Maiden's Saber
Ides of Eternity
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By Jack M. Pulliam Jr.
The further adventures of Myra and Justin as an evil returns and tries to end both their lives
By Gunner Jack Richards
Five short stories; epic in size, of one soldier's experiences in Vietnam during the mid-1960s.
By Jack Pulliam
There are those deep within the Catskill Mountains, waiting for the right man to help save mankind
By Marion Faith St. James
A world where magic is still used to battle evil. 
By Jack M. Pulliam Jr.
The earth is once again in mortal danger, and a few that can change that are just now realizing the power they possess.
The Pulliam Chronicles
2013 release. 
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